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Built on a child's dream, Noa's Art Market has become an avenue of growth and development.  Noa's Art Market started as a 7 year old child's dream to become an artist just like her deceased dad. Since his passing, Noa's dream has evolved and so has Noa's Art Martket.

Shortly after the passing of her father, art became a healthy way for Noa to cope with her loss. Soon she found pleasure in sharing her art  and making people smile. Noa then decided she wanted to share with world as well.  Her mother, Tina Partridge, decided to help Noa share the heart and make others smile by offering Noa's work online.

Shortly after, Noa also began  writing short stories. Inspired by a desire to help Noa's dreams come true, her Mom came together in collaboration with Noa to publish her first book "Huey and His Brother Learn Tae Kwon Do". 

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