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Built on a child's dream, Noa's Art Market has become an avenue of growth and development.  Noa's Art Market started as a 7 year old child's dream to become an artist just like her deceased dad. Since then, Noa's dream has evolved and so has Noa's Art Martket.  In addition to visual and literary art by Noa, we strive to bring cutting edge technologies into the world of visual art. Noa's Art Market offers an innovative approach by bringing together art, math, science, technology, and engineering through the use of these technologies and their applications. Our personal enrichment classes will bring you a whole new level of learning in a way that is not only innovative, but fun and engaging. These classes are perfect for anyone seeking to learn a new hobby, add to their craft or art, enhance their STEM or STEAM studies, or add to their homeschooling and much more! The applications are endless. In addition to enrichment classes, we offer various artistic works, products, and supplies for purchase.

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