Meet the Artist: Noa

In 2013, Noa experienced the loss of her father. In order to help Noa cope with his death, her mother enrolled her in art classes. Through the healing power that art often brings, not only was Noa able to cope in a healthy manner, she also decided to make her art available to friends and family. This sharing of herself gave birth to a dream to become an artist "like dad". This dream grew to become "Noa's Art Market" which makes her art available to all as well as artwork she favors by other artists, favorite supplies, art technologies, and even books Noa has co-written with her mom.  

Noa has been an integral part in decision to bring cutting edge technologies into the world of art. Now Noa's Art Market also offers technology that brings together the worlds of art, math, science, and engineering... and your'e invited to experience it. Our personal enrichment classes will bring you a whole new level of learning in a way that is not only innovative, but fun and engaging. Perfect for anyone seeking to learn a new hobby, add to their craft or art, enhance their STEM or STEAM studies, or add to their homeschooling. Click the Classes tab for a video and information.

​Go ahead and look around as Noa shares her work and the works of some of her favorite artists'. You may find anything from sketches, to literary works, crotchet, caricatures, paintings, artisan designs for home and more! Some of what she shares with you may come from friends or family, affiliate links,  or someone she has chosen to partner up with. Either way ... you're sure to find something you like.