This book helps readers learn to overcome their fears while teaching persistence and patience pays off.

In the artic, penguins and puffins must swim to find fish to eat and to get away from predators. There's just one problem. Peter doesn't know how to swim. He's afraid he'll drown. Join Mrs. Guin as she helps Peter learn how to cope with his fear of drowning so he can learn the life vital skill of swimming! Will he overcome?

This book introduces readers to Tae Kwon Do and the Korean language. It also teaches morals like self-confidence and over-coming challenges as Huey and Peter Puffi are faced with their own challenges.

The ocean is full of creatures that eat penguins. Mommy and Daddy realize Huey and his brother, Peter Puffi, need to be able to defend themselves so they decide to enroll Huey and Peter in Tae Kwon Do. At first unsure, they became eager to learn Tae Kwon Do. However, the two did not realize they’d learn a lot more. Come to class with Huey and Peter. You’ll learn a lot, too!