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My Story

At the tender age of 7, Noa experienced a profound loss—the passing of her beloved father. In the wake of this heart-wrenching event, her mother, Tina, made a deeply thoughtful decision to enroll Noa in art classes, recognizing the therapeutic potential of creativity to help her daughter navigate the tumultuous journey of grief. ...  

The Lost Egg

I'm thrilled to introduce my latest published book, a labor of love that has been a long time in the making. With great excitement, I can now announce that the book is ready for your enjoyment. "The Lost Egg" is a story of adoption that affirms a child's place in the family
Readers join Huey as he discovers an egg in his family’s nest. He really wants a sibling, but notices it is different than most penguin eggs. Does it matter that it is different than the rest? Will they adopt the newcomer into their family?



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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

~Hans Christian Andersen

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